Canine Hoopers Classes

For any age of dog from 6 months upwards.  

Canine Hoopers is a new and upcoming dog sport in the UK. 
It is low impact, so is suitable for dogs of all ages (including puppies!), and uses equipment which is accessible for dogs of all sizes, from mini to giant!

The basic equipment comprises of hoops, big 80cm diameter tunnels and barrels to run around.  Hoopers courses are designed to encourage distance handling which is great for handlers of all abilities - no sprinting is required!

Our classes are based around the Good Hoopers Awards of Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The classes will be taken by Emma Cowie-Shaw who qualified as an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor in 2018.


For your dog to be able to attend these classes, the only requirement initially is for them to be able to cope in a group environment and to be able to focus on their owner when carrying out practical exercises.  We will teach you everything else!

Handlers must have completed the Hoopers Foundation Workshop prior to starting the Canine Hoopers Classes.  If you haven't attended our Hoopers Foundation Workshop, you can do so by booking online HERE.

If you have a dog that hasn't completed any group training sessions before, we are more than happy to arrange a 1-2-1 training session to bring you up to speed so that you can attend the group classes.


Hoopers Beginners Course

This 6-week course runs at 10am on alternate Saturdays at Paul's Farm Equestrian arena in Leyland. 

It covers all of the fundamental behaviours you need to know to be able to start working through the Good Hoopers Awards, building on the foundation topics covered during the introductory workshop.

hoopers newDuring the course we will cover topics such as:

   -  Handler focus
   -  Responsive recall
   -  Dog-Handler interaction for success and drive
   -  Adding start line waits to the equipment 
   -  Introducing the dog to corners
   -  Teaching the dog front and rear cross techniques using the equipment
   -  Introducing the dog to multiple pieces of equipment in a sequence
   -  Spacing out the equipment to course competition standard
   -  Adding handler distance
   -  Perfecting verbal cues
   -  Practicing simple Hoopers courses using multiple pieces of equipment
   -  Final week will include GHA Assessment if appropriate (assessments are not mandatory)

 Those who pass their assessment will receive an official GHA certificate and fabulous rosette.

Please note:- Dogs must be a minimum of 12 months to be eligible for assessment for the Good Hoopers Bronze Award.  This helps to protect young dogs that are still going through the developmental joint growth stage. But fear not! - if your pup is under the age of 12 months, you can still work towards the Good Hoopers Puppy Award during the classes.


 -  Saturday 4th May 10am (Paul's Farm Equestrian Arena, 382 Dunkirk Lane, Leyland, PR26 7SY)
    Please note: This course runs on ALTERNATE SATURDAYS.

 £80 for the 6-week course  BOOK NOW


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