Kennel Club GCDS Advanced Classes

For any age of dog.  These are advanced classes for those who have previously completed the progressive life skills course with us, each session lasting approximately one hour.

These classes allow us to improve on the basic skills learnt during the foundation courses, allowing you to teach your dog even more important and valuable life skills to develop their focus, confidence and manners even further.

The classes run in 5-week blocks, working towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  You can attend for as many blocks as you wish.

Official Kennel Club GCDS assessments for the awards are run periodically but it is not mandatory to complete the assessments if you do not wish to.

kc courseWhat will you learn during the classes?

   -  Settle training around distractions
   -  Building focus around distractions whilst stationary and on the move
   -  Progressive loose lead walking skills
   -  Off-lead heelwork
   -  Progressive sit stay training; building duration, distance and distractions
   -  Down stay training
   -  Controlled greetings amongst other dogs and strangers
   -  Progressive recall around distractions
   -  Taking loose lead walking out in public
   -  Control through doorways
   -  Sending the dog to bed
   -  Emergency stop command
   -  Control in and out of vehicles
   -  Food manners
   -  Progressing handling; grooming and examination by strangers
   -  Building the bond between dog and owner through play