Progressive Life Skills Course

For any age of dog.  This is a 6-week progressive course for any dogs who have previously completed basic training, each session lasting approximately one hour.  

Dogs of all ages are welcome providing they can relax in a group environment, can sit on command, and can focus on their owner.

pls course
What will you learn during this course?

You will build on the skills previously learnt during foundation training with the aim of developing an obedient but confident, happy and sociable dog that has good manners and a good connection with their owner, covering topics such as:

   -  Building intermediate level focus and connection with your dog
   -  Progressing the sit, stand and down commands; removing the reliance on the food lure
   -  Different techniques to reward your dog by raising anticipation
   -  Introduction to heelwork
   -  Building focus and duration in the heel position
   -  Walking nicely on the lead; focus on the move
   -  Maintaining the heel position in motion
   -  The outdoor settle
   -  Introduction to targeting; the 'touch' command
   -  The leave command - progression
   -  Tug games and the drop command
   -  Introduction to basic scentwork
   -  Polite greetings – creating a strong auto-sit behaviour
   -  The stay command; looking at duration and building distance
   -  Proprioception (canine core strength and body awareness) and dog parkour (interacting with different obstacles)

     £70 for the 6-week course  BOOK NOW



Wednesday 20th February 7pm (Leyland Orthodox Church Hall, 403 Leyland Lane, PR25 1TA)

-  Wednesday 3rd April 7pm (Leyland Orthodox Church Hall, 403 Leyland Lane, PR25 1TA)

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