Deluxe Puppy Package

This package comprises of:


   -  THREE 1-hour training sessions to take place after your puppy has arrived home

The PUPPY PREPARATION PACKAGE is a 2-hour session which takes place in your own home, preferably before you bring your puppy home, covering topics such as:

   -  The importance of training and early socialisation
   -  Showing your puppy right from wrong in a positive way with rewards
   -  Building connection and the bond between you and your puppy
   -  Early days – puppy development phases – what to expect
   -  Bringing your puppy home – the first day and night
   -  Toilet training
   -  Crate training – daytime & night-time
   -  Toys and interactive play
   -  Preparing your puppy for walks
   -  Cleaning, grooming and diet
   -  Socialisation and habituation
   -  How to manage puppy mouthing/biting and jumping
   -  Integrating your new puppy into a home with young children
   -  Any specific breed traits to be aware of and how to manage them

The three 1-2-1 training sessions in this package give us the chance to start implementing a basic training regime to start teaching your puppy the life skills they need.  Throughout these sessions, we will go through:

   -  An introduction to clicker training
   -  Building focus and connection between puppy and owner
   -  Teaching your puppy how to settle
   -  Basic sit, down and stand commands
   -  An introduction to loose lead training
   -  An introduction to recall
   -  Socialisation and acceptable greeting behaviour
   -  Handling and health checks
   -  How to play games with your puppy 


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