Premium Puppy Package 


This package comprises of:


    FIVE 1-hour training sessions to take place after your puppy has arrived home

The PUPPY PREPARATION PACKAGE is a 2-hour session which takes place in your own home, preferably before you bring your puppy home, covering topics such as:

   -  The importance of training and early socialisation
   -  Showing your puppy right from wrong in a positive way with rewards
   -  Building connection and the bond between you and your puppy
   -  Early days – puppy development phases – what to expect
   -  Bringing your puppy home – the first day and night
   -  Toilet training
   -  Crate training – daytime & night-time
   -  Toys and interactive play
   -  Preparing your puppy for walks
   -  Cleaning, grooming and diet
   -  Socialisation and habituation
   -  How to manage puppy mouthing/biting and jumping
   -  Integrating your new puppy into a home with young children
   -  Any specific breed traits to be aware of and how to manage them

The three 1-2-1 training sessions in this package give us the chance to start implementing a basic training regime to start teaching your puppy the life skills they need.  Throughout these sessions, we will go through:

   -  An introduction to clicker training
   -  Building focus and connection between puppy and owner
   -  Teaching your puppy how to settle
   -  Basic sit, down and stand commands
   -  An introduction to loose lead training
   -  An introduction to recall
   -  Socialisation and acceptable greeting behaviour
   -  Handling and health checks
   -  How to play games with your puppy 

The additional two sessions within this package allow us to take your training to the next level.  It gives us chance to progress some of the important skills your puppy needs, such as:

   -  Proofing behaviours (taking your new commands out into the world of distractions)
   -  Managing impulse control and improving frustration tolerance in busy environments (teaching your puppy calmness and relaxed behaviours in difficult/exciting situations)
   -  Building focus and connection into your training commands 


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