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Group Training Classes
We run various training courses for small groups of dogs at different ages and different levels of learning

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Puppy Packages
We offer a variety of training packages specifically for new puppy owners

We offer a number of subject-specific workshops to help you fine tune different training skills


retractable lead resizedFlexi leads (or retractable leads) extend in length when your dog pulls and then retract into a plastic casing when the dog returns to you, or as you catch up with your dog.  They have a manual braking system to stop your dog from going further than you want them to.

Many of my new puppy owner clients ask me what my thoughts are on flexi leads. My answer: I absolutely detest them! I wish they had never been invented!

They are dangerous for many reasons and are completely detrimental to the dog and owner relationship that we try to build during training.


Why are they dangerous for dogs?

From a dog safety aspect, if your dog is happily trotting along the road five metres in front of you and then sees something interesting on the other side of the road, all it takes is a split second for them to react and lunge out across the road to whatever they have seen. It may be a cat, it may be a bird, it may be another dog, or perhaps just a leaf or some litter blowing about. Dogs are much more aware of their environment than us humans are. And if there is oncoming traffic, your dog would be hit instantly. If you have a look on google, you will find that these types of accidents do happen – more than you think.

Another scenario is if your dog suddenly lunges at the end of the flexi lead, or lunges while the lead is locked out, they can pull it out of your hand quite easily. You then have a big noisy plastic casing bumping along the pavement behind your dog. This can be scary for many dogs and can set them off running trying to get away from it. Of course the faster your dog goes, the faster the scary noisy thing chases your dog. So they run faster! And before you know it, you have a terrified dog disappearing into the distance. This can have serious mental implications going forwards too.

flexi tangle

When encountering another dog whilst on a walk, if your dog is sociable and goes over to say hello, the lead can very quickly become wrapped around either or both dogs and if it becomes tight it acts like garrotting wire. Injuries can happen in seconds.

Some retractable leads extend up to 33 feet. If your dog is that far away from you and you need to react to a situation, the distance is simply too great to allow you to do so. Your dog can round corners way before you can see what is around the bend. Many footpaths are also bridleways; what if there was a horse around the bend? You may suddenly realise that an approaching dog actually doesn’t want your dog to go over to say hello, but when they are that far in front you can’t rectify the situation quickly enough.

The Dangerous Dogs Act isn’t just relevant for dogs that bite. It also applies to dogs that are deemed to be dangerously out of control. A dog on an extended flexi lead running over to people and perhaps jumping up at children and knocking them over falls into that category. Flexi leads simply don’t allow an owner enough control over their dog whilst out in public.

Flexi leads can also cause serious damage to a dogs’ neck if they are attached to a collar. If the dog is running on the lead and suddenly comes to the end of the line, the dog’s neck will snap backwards with a strong jerking motion and can cause injuries similar to whiplash. Not only can this damage the delicate tissues around the dog’s neck, it can also cause spinal injuries.


Are they dangerous for humans too?

Yes, most definitely! Another quick internet search will illustrate the awful injuries that can occur as a result of using flexi leads. A dog suddenly lunging on a flexi lead generally causes the owner to react to the situation by grabbing the lead. Flexi leads either have a cord type line or a tape line. Both of these cause serious injuries if grabbed whilst the line is extending – it isn’t uncommon for people to lose fingers.

Excitable dogs can easily wrap the lead around peoples’ legs, causing rope burns and deep lacerations.

The nature of the tension in the flexi lead when the dog pulls can easily result in the owner ending up on the floor if the line gets wrapped around ankles or lower limbs.


But is it not good to give my dog more freedom?

New dog owners generally think that they are doing their dogs a favour by putting them on a flexi lead. They think it is nice that they are allowing their dogs more freedom on the end of the lead, but if you do this you are actually creating problems for yourself. Flexi leads teach dogs to pull! A dog very quickly learns that if they pull, they can go further and can get to whatever smell or object they are interested in. This teaches your dog to completely disengage from you because the environment becomes more rewarding.

Another point to note here is that regardless of how close your dog is to you, there is always tension on the flexi lead. When we train dogs to walk nicely on the lead, we teach them that a loose lead free from any tension is good. Therefore flexi leads are completely detrimental to this type of training.


So what should I use then?

A soft standard length lead is a good option and preferable to a flexi lead. Our favourite lead to use at Confident Canines HQ is a Halti training lead. It has clips at both ends of the lead meaning that you can adjust the length of the lead from 1m to 1.4m and 1.7m. This means that you can give your dog extra freedom to sniff if the situation allows, but you still have control over them.

The best approach when training a dog is to train them to walk nicely on the lead and also to train recall at the same time. This means that you can have a dog that doesn’t pull on a standard length lead and that can also be let off the lead in public to have their freedom to sniff and run about when the situation allows it.


What if I am teaching my dog recall?

Flexi leads are an absolute no-no for recall training too. As mentioned previously, having the bulky plastic casing dragging along behind your dog is scary and can cause them to bolt. The important factor for recall training is for your dog to feel that they have freedom whilst off the lead. Having them pulling on a flexi lead with tension on it has completely the opposite effect.

The best training aid to use for recall practice is a recall line. This is basically a long lead made from soft webbing material that replaces a short lead during recall practice. Our favourite is made by Clix and is available in 5m or 10m lengths.

recall line

A recall line gives your dog freedom to sniff and run about, and gives you the perfect opportunity to be able to practice recall whilst still having hold of the end of the long line for safety.

It is important to note that when using a recall line you should attach it to a harness and not a collar. If your dog dashes off to investigate something whilst on a long line, you can cause serious damage to their neck if it is attached to a collar.

Having the line attached to a harness means that their body takes the impact of any sudden tension and it is much safer for them.

Can you help me?

Yes! We regularly help people to teach their dogs how to walk nicely on the lead and how to recall to them in public spaces.

GET IN TOUCH if you would like some one-to-one training to help resolve your issues.  Alternatively, we also run group training classes following the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards which focus on teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead and be under better control whilst out in public.

We are based in Leyland but cover most areas within a 10 mile radius.

Typical areas include: Leyland, Penwortham, Lostock Hall, Bamber Bridge, Eccleston, Chorley, Euxton, Croston, Longton, New Longton, Clayton-Le-Woods, Whittle-Le-Woods, Walton-Le-Dale, Hutton, Much Hoole, Brindle, Wheelton, Heapey, Hoghton.

If you are outside of the 10 mile radius, please contact us. We will travel further but may have to add a small surcharge to cover fuel costs.

Emma has been an absolute godsend as we’ve had our lives turned upside down by our rescue Pointer X.

The foundations she’s helped us put into place have made our lives so much easier and turned our stressed out dog into a relaxed and happy member of the family.

It’s still a work in progress but Emma’s down to earth and sensible training techniques will certainly get us there.

Can’t recommend enough!

Simon & Mel with Dennis

The best thing my husband and I ever did was getting touch with Emma!

She has trained us to train our pup! We currently have an 11 week old puppy that will sit, lie down, relax & sleep in his crate, walk well on his lead and is currently learning recall!

Our puppy got off to the best start possible, all thanks to Emma, her skills, her knowledge and her patience! Thank you!

Kerri & Joe with Ruben

Attended puppy training classes with our pup, Woody.

Emma is very knowledgeable and highly professional . She is always willing to answer any question - no matter how silly they may sound!

Woody had a fabulous time and learned the basics for a confident, well-behaved puppy. I will definitely be attending future classes to build on the skills Emma provided.

Would highly recommend !

Janet with Woody

AMAZING TRAINER! Can't recommend Emma and Confident Canines more.

Charlie came to us at 8 weeks with separation issues and was completely untrained. We now have a puppy who can sit, lie down, stand, settle (both in and out of a crate), walk nicely on the lead, allow health checks, drop on command and stay.

The range of services that she offers covers all that you could need at a really good price.

Emma is a brilliant trainer who gives everything, you can tell she genuinely cares about you and your dog and wants you to succeed at your training, what ever it may be. Nothing is too much!

Nat & Josh with Charlie


Our labradoodle Alvin is about half way through the puppy school classes & I couldn’t recommend it enough!

It has taught us as much as it has him! Emma also does puppy (and dog) play sessions at the weekend which are so much fun for him as he loves socialising with his furry friends.

Look forward to taking him to the follow on classes too.

Natalie & Neil with Alvin


Emma was professional and really friendly. Tuna loved his puppy one-to-one sessions!

Highly recommended for all your dog training needs.

Sarah & Matt with Tuna


Our little puppy Dennis was quite a handful when we took him home, so training 1-2-1 sessions were definitely needed.

Emma came round and instantly got stuck in with getting to know us and our puppy. Dennis absolutely loved her and soon learnt where the pocket with treats were kept and that he should be sitting down for them.

Everything he has learnt in the months since has been because of consistent contact with Emma and getting involved in social play groups etc. Can't recommend enough! Thank you!

Danny & Lia with Dennis

JASON THE WONDER DOG! I have a rescue lurcher who was locked up and starved for his first six months - he was not expected to survive. When I got him at 7 months he was nuts, had never been in a house and had no experience of life, so I decided to have 1:1 training sessions as he was too old for puppy classes.

Emma extensively trained both of us for several weeks until he was settled enough to attend a class. He is now 2 years old and works at Chorley Hospital as a registered PAT therapy dog with older patients. He is very calm and loves meeting new people.

This transformation is due to Emma's input and advice. He does still have some "quirks" due to his past but attends Emma's socialisation sessions and is a fabulous companion.

Emma is always ready to offer help and advice and consistently runs a highly professional business.

Jane with Jason

AMAZING SUPPORT - We just want to say a huge thank you to Confident Canines for your help in training our crazy Sproodle (and us).

Confident Canines have been amazing with supporting us and our dog. From the very first week we got our puppy, Emma was supportive and knowledgeable - and our dog absolutely loves her!

From the first meeting through to the last Emma was timely and flexible with us.

I would definitely recommend Confident Canines for 121 sessions and group classes; our dog has loved them all!

Zena & Chris with Kloppe

I would just like to say thank you to Emma for showing us in the most easy to understand way how to train our little Chihuahua ‘Louis’ to have good manners, behave well and become a well socialised little dog.

We signed up for a six week puppy course and it was something of a joy. We looked forward to every session. Unfortunately, I was away for the last two weeks of the course. However, no need to worry as Louis’s ‘dogfather’ hooman continued to attend on my behalf and together we learned some amazing results.

Emma is not only a genius, she is a genuinely lovely lady who I would ‘hand on heart’ highly recommend to anyone who is considering attending her highly informative (and great fun) dog training classes.

Molly with Louis

Emma is a brilliant dog trainer/person. She understands all the dogs needs.

Emma came to our house for one to one training prior to group puppy sessions and it was very informative. We then took our puppy on the puppy training course for 6 weeks and it was both informative to us and good for our pup.

We now go to the social sessions and are looking forward to attending ongoing training classes because he knows her (and she knows his quirks) and we know her as a good trainer.

We will certainly go to Emma with our new addition once he arrives.

Rebecca & Paul with Jasper

If you want the very best for your puppy or young dog, then you absolutely must get in touch with Emma at Confident Canines.

I've just completed the Puppy Foundation Course with my GSP Foxy and both she and I enjoyed it immensely.

Emma has extensive knowledge which she imparts in a friendly, supportive and structured way and I would wholeheartedly recommend Confident Canines to anyone who wants to do the very best for their dogs.

She is very professional, friendly, encouraging and will guide you on the road to success.

Allan with Foxy

Emma did 1-1 training at home with our pup and I found her to be patient, confident and very knowledgeable. The training sessions were informative and a great basis to build on our pup becoming a very obedient, enjoyable young man.

We have also attended the group training sessions with our other pup and again this was a relaxed and enjoyable experience for us all. Both pups have now progressed to attending the social events and love every minute of them.

Excellent value for money and couldn’t recommend highly enough for owners of pups and adult dogs (and owners) alike.
Thanks Emma!

Gail with Fudge & Pebbles

Our wonderful, beautiful and typical crazy Boxer puppy Vinnie attended the puppy classes and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Training was enjoyable and delivered to a very high standard by Emma who explained the various stages of puppy development - this really helped us understand him much better.

Emma clearly demonstrated the training techniques and advised how these could be adapted to suit the individual needs, likes and motivators for each puppy.

The information, training techniques and wealth of advice shared during the puppy classes have been invaluable to us and we now have a wonderful Boxer puppy who sits, lays down, can be handled and settles down when instructed.

We have enjoyed the puppy classes so much we are looking forward to continuing the follow on training for him with Emma. I would highly recommend Confident Canines to anyone who wants to help their puppy/dog to develop into a loving, confident, well behaved pet who is a pleasure to own!

Karen with Vinnie

Emma is an amazing lady who has gone above and beyond her role as trainer with us.

She is kind, considerate and extremely giving of her time providing support to me and my husband in our hours, days and weeks of need after making the difficult decision to take our beautiful cockapoo puppy back to the breeder due to some behavioural challenges.

We are now ready to open our home again to another puppy and this is due to the time Emma has spent with us, sharing her time and that of her beautiful dog Amber.

We are both very much looking forward to the training regime again with our new arrival once we find the right puppy and will enjoy the classes, building our confidence and that of our pup.

Nicky & Richard with Poppy

Winnie has enjoyed both her puppy training, progressive skills courses and the other activities offered at confident canines.

Emma is a fantastic trainer that puts alot of time into what she does and is more than happy to give extra bits of advice and help. There is no pressure on the pups of learning too much at once as classes start with getting a base of good focusing skills.

I would 100% with no hesitation recommend to anyone looking into getting a puppy (or older dog) who wants a well behaved dog.

Winnie is looking forward to starting the next stage of her training with Emma!

Ray with Winnie

Emma has been a great help and reassurance since getting our first puppy who certainly liked to use his teeth! We’ve had a 1:1 session, been to the social classes and joined the beginners puppy class, all of which have been good fun and of great use.

We are now able to tackle any unwanted behaviour in a much more consistent and rewarding way. We’ll be joining the advanced puppy classes in the new year and very much looking forward to learning more with our pup.

I’d highly recommend this company.

Lizz & Graeme with Ted

Brilliant dog training school. Took our border collie puppy to the Puppy Foundation Course and he really enjoyed it.

Emma is a great coach, really knowledgeable and fantastic with dogs. He made loads of progress in just a few weeks, would highly recommend.

We’ve just booked him onto the next course to help develop his training.

Sarah & Colin with Ollie

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