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We can supply you with a top quality engraved tag to match your beautiful Red Dingo Collar.

We have used these tags on our own dogs for over a year now and they still look brand new.  The quality is by far the best we have found on the market.


   -  Red Dingo tags are made from Stainless Steel for long-lasting use (the majority of tags are made from nickel-plated zinc).

   -  All tags have a guarantee that the engraving will remain readable for life.

   -  There are over 1000 tag options to choose from so that you can get the perfect match for your collar.

   -  All metal tags have highly polished surfaces and edges.

   -  Our ordering system means you just have to provide us with your engraving details and choice of tag, and we will do the rest to ensure your tag will arrive at your door within a matter of days.

   -  No delivery cost.

How Does it Work?

Simply place your order and provide us with the code for the tag design you want, the colour, and the details that you would like to have engraved on your tag. 

You can either write your engraving details in the comments as you checkout online, or send us an e-mail with the details. 

We will do the rest and it will arrive in the post days later!  

Tag Sizes:

Small - 20mm diameter / height 24mm

Medium - 30mm diameter / height 35mm

Large - 38mm diameter / height 44mm

Red Dingo Stainless Steel Tag with Glitter

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