This package comprises of:


   -  ONE 1-hour training session to take place after your puppy has arrived home

The PUPPY PREPARATION SESSION is a 2-hour session which takes place in your own home, preferably before you bring your puppy home, covering topics such as:

   -  The importance of training and early socialisation
   -  Showing your puppy right from wrong in a positive way with rewards
   -  Building connection and the bond between you and your puppy
   -  Early days – puppy development phases – what to expect
   -  Bringing your puppy home – the first day and night
   -  Toilet training
   -  Crate training – daytime & night-time
   -  Toys and interactive play
   -  Preparing your puppy for walks
   -  Cleaning, grooming and diet
   -  Socialisation and habituation
   -  How to manage puppy mouthing/biting and jumping
   -  Integrating your new puppy into a home with young children
   -  Any specific breed traits to be aware of and how to manage them

The addition of an hour’s tailored 1-2-1 training session allows us to address any issues that you are having in the first few days of your puppy arriving home before they turn into problems.  It also gives us chance to look at implementing some basic training commands to give your puppy a good start with their training journey.

After each training session, you will be provided with a set of training notes that detail the exercises/topics covered so that you can refer back to them as needed.

Please note:- If you would like to book in for one to one training, booking in advance is essential!  We are generally operating with several week's wait to get into the diary for one to one training - this can be anything from a couple of weeks to four-six weeks wait.


£170 for the 2-hr Puppy Preparation session via Zoom and the 1-hr training session in person  GET IN TOUCH TO BOOK NOW

(£190 if you would prefer for Emma to come out to deliver both sessions in person)

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