A 2-hour session which takes place in your own home either before your puppy comes home, or during the early weeks of them arriving.

This session gives us chance to discuss all of the important things that you need to know in order to set your puppy off on the right path, covering topics such as:

   -  The importance of training and early socialisation
   -  Showing puppy right from wrong in a positive way with rewards
   -  Ensuring you aren't inadvertently rewarding unwanted behaviours
   -  Building connection and the bond between you and your puppy
   -  Early days – puppy development phases – what to expect
   -  Bringing your puppy home – the first days and nights
   -  Toilet training
   -  Crate training – daytime & night-time
   -  Toys and interactive play
   -  The all-important mental stimulation
   -  Developing confidence in your puppy
   -  Preparing your puppy for walks
   -  Cleaning, grooming and diet
   -  Socialisation and habituation - do's and don'ts
   -  How to manage puppy mouthing/biting and jumping
   -  Integrating your new puppy into a home with young children
   -  Any specific breed traits to be aware of and how to manage them


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