What is Scentwork?

Scentwork is all about teaching your dog to identify and locate specific scents using their sense of smell.  Us humans have around six million olfactory receptors in our noses whereas dogs have up to 300 million!

dog nose resizedScentwork training allows your dog to put that natural desire to sniff and scent to good use.

Fun scentwork emerged from detection style nosework, predominantly used by HM Customs, the Police, the Armed Forces and Search & Rescue. These ‘career dogs’ are trained to detect scents including (but most definitely not limited to) drugs, explosives, firearms and missing people. Dogs can also be trained to detect medical ailments.

Any dog can enjoy scentwork – it doesn’t have to be a career choice for them!

Who is Scentwork for?

  -  All ages and breeds of dog – there is no minimum age!

  -  Sensitive and anxious dogs – they learn to relax through the process and it helps to build their confidence.

  -  Dogs with medical issues that may not be able to take part in high energy activities.

  -  Older dogs with limited physical energy/mobility.

  -  Young dogs that need tiring out in a good way – mental stimulation is far more tiring than physical exertion.

  -  Sniffy breeds – harness a dog’s scent drive to put their nose to good use instead of them becoming self employed whilst out on walks!

What are the benefits of teaching your dog Scentwork?

cropped sniffing dog -  Fantastic mental stimulation

 -  Enriching and fun for your dog

 -  Great for confidence building

 -  Improves dog and handler bond – work in partnership together

 -  Improves focus and self-control

 -  Builds resilience and optimism

 -  Builds trust – especially important for young dogs and rescue dogs


What do we do in the Workshops?

There are four levels of Scentwork Workshops, each progressing in complexity and technial skills.  All workshops are 3 hours in duration. 

LEVEL 1 - Scentwork Foundations

A comprehensive introduction to the fundamental aspects of scentwork, getting your dogs going with some free-searches using a specific scent.

LEVEL 2 - Intermediate Scentwork Skills

Handling skills and directed searches, search patterns for maximum efficiency, searching for objects at height and multiple find searches.

LEVEL 3 - Progressing your Scentwork Skills

Skill building for longer more complex searches, hides inside multiple articles for increased difficulty, baggage searches and smaller finds.

LEVEL 4 - Environmental Scentwork

Complex, multi-height searches in an outdoor environment, learning how best to deal with the outdoor scent picture and scent discrimination.

Please note:- We teach active indications during our workshops (where the dog is encouraged to play with the scented article or find the food and eat it).


Our scentwork classes are suitable for all ages, breeds and abilities of dog – even puppies can learn scentwork!  

For your dog to be able to attend these classes, they must be able to work in a group environment and focus on their owner when carrying out practical exercises, however the active searches are carried out individually to give the dogs scope for maximum concentration and maximum success! 

Your dog will need to be able to settle on a mat or in your vehicle in between their searches so that they are getting rest in between active work - scentwork is very tiring!

£55 for each 3 hour workshop 

We accept a maximum of 6 dogs per workshop to ensure that each dog gets enough individual search time.

Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.



- Level 1 - Scentwork Foundations Workshop: Saturday 18th September 9:30am - 12:30pm (Halls for All, Leyland). * 1 space available *

- Level 2 - Intermediate Scentwork Skills Workshop: Saturday20th November September 9:30am - 12:30pm (Halls for All, Leyland).



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