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So... ‘How long does it take to train a dog?’ The answer.. there is no answer!  There is no magic wand that will create a trained dog overnight!

Training efficiency boils down to consistency and repetition for developing the skills that we look for in our dogs.  

Some people think that using 'old-school' training techniques will be quicker, but it really isn't the answer...

Just like us humans, every dog is different. They all have their own quirks and they all respond in different ways to different things.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to training dogs, and part of the job of being a trainer is to adapt training methods to suit each individual we work with.

In this day and age, with what we know and understand about dogs and the way they learn, there is no call EVER to use aversive training techniques on a dog. Yes, people do get ‘results’ from using aversive techniques, but all they are doing is suppressing a dog’s behaviour and not actually fixing the problem.

Often when one behaviour is suppressed, another one will appear in it’s place - just as undesirable. And many studies are now linking aversive training techniques with aggression. If you stop your dog from feeling they can express themselves, you take away their line of communication and can expect a bite instead when they are pushed to their limits.

There are millions of success stories promoting positive reward-based training methods. Even people that previously used aversive methods try the positive training and are amazed at the results. And the best thing about it - the fact that it builds a great relationship between you and your dog, as well as increasing their confidence too.

Old-school bullying tactics using aversive training techniques are just that - bullying tactics. And who actually wants a robotic, mentally shut-down, terrified, agitated and anxious animal in their care???

Yes, training a dog in the right way takes time - and for adult dogs with ingrained behaviours, it takes effort on the owner’s part. Too many people thesedays are looking for quick fixes for everything in modern life. If you want a quick fix then you shouldn’t get a dog - simple. Dogs are complex, emotionally intelligent beings and deserve all the love and respect we can give them - in a positive, relationship building way.

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