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The Classic Kong should be one of your staple dog toys, as should a Lickimat! 

Both provide fantastic mental stimulation, they promote cognitive development in the form of problem solving, and they work brilliantly to help young dogs settle themselves when their excitement levels start to rise.

The key to success with these toys is making sure that they are filled with tasty fillings!

As well as the traditional Classic Kong and Lickimat, there are many other similar toys on the market that do a similar job - we love the B&M snakes, Kong Quest range and the Lickimat Wobble too.

Whilst it is relatively interesting for a dog to be presented with a Kong stuffed with dog treats/dry kibble, you won't have the wow factor!  Making use of wet fillings and getting inventive will provide you with much more success!

Here are some tasty suggestions for you:

  • Their dinner!  If your dog has wet or cooked food, use that!  If they have dry food, mix it with a little warm water until it goes mushy and then use that!
  • Primula squeezy cheese - you can also buy Primula squeezy cheese with ham for a bit of extra tastiness!
  • Plain natural yoghurt
  • Peanut butter (just make sure it has no xylitol in it)
  • Sandwich paste (beef spread, chicken spread, fish spread etc)
  • Wet food pouches
  • Baby food (just check the ingredients first to make sure they are all dog friendly)
  • Cottage cheese
  • Scrambled egg


And don't forget - dogs can have a wide range of fruit and veg too!  Experiment and see what they like, then you can incorporate some of those into your Kong/Lickimat fillings too!

How about trying some of these:

  • Mush some banana up and mix with plain yoghurt
  • Primula squeezy cheese with green beans and carrots shoved in
  • Beef sandwich paste with dried sprats shoved in
  • Cottage cheese mixed with small pieces of cooked chicken
  • Fishy flavour sandwich paste with dog biscuits hidden inside



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