We offer a variety of training packages for puppies from early development onwards.  It is never too soon to start training your puppy - we even offer a package to get you prepared and on the right path before your puppy even arrives home!

The early few years of a pup's life include many changes and complex developmental stages.  Adapting your training to support your adolescent dog is very important.  We are here to help!

Sessions are tailored for you and your puppy's specific needs.

Puppy Preparation Session
ONE x 2hr Session

This is an intensive information session about all things new puppy. Start on the right path!

Designed to take place before your puppy arrives home, or in the first week or two of new puppy ownership!

Puppy Skillls
ONE x 1.5hr Session

THREE x 1hr Sessions

Perfect for laying the important training foundations to give your puppy the best start in life, or for focusing on a couple of training areas.

Comprehensive Puppy Skills
ONE x 1.5hr Session

FIVE x 1hr Sessions

This package is fantastic if you can't commit to a group course. These sessions give us chance to implement a range of training skills, all relevant to your pup's current age.

Please note:- We do not take on behavioural cases such as resource guarding, aggression, bite cases, separation anxiety or reactivity. For these issues, we recommend getting in touch with someone who is affiliated with a force free organisation such as the APBC.

We are based in Leyland, covering most surrounding areas within a 10 mile radius. There will be an additional cost for appointments further afield. Please get in touch for further details.

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